6 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

6 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


When you start a new business, you need to know where and how you will find your customers. All small businesses have fixed budgets therefore businessmen need to analyze the marketing trends and spend money on the right choices. One of the main concerns of all new businessmen should know how to market or promote their business. You have to know about traditional as well as digital marketing and when and how will they be used in your business to earn you more clients.

Even though traditional marketing is effective, it has its limitations. Traditional marketing is only one way in which you can notify your audience about your products to encourage them to buy your products, but there is no direct contact between retailers and buyers. Traditional advertisements also cannot be updated with passing time and once you have printed an advertisement in your regional newspaper, you will have to reprint advertisements if you want to make any changes.  Therefore, the best way to make your business grow is to market or advertise it online as that is the place where you will find most of your customers.

Even after the large percentage of internet users present, the number of people going online is still increasing daily.  This means that your audience is increasing day by day and there are more chances for you to get customers. Therefore, every business needs to invest some money in digital marketing. In our article, we will talk about 6 tips about Digital Marketing which will help you to start and manage your own small business efficiently. But before that, we will talk about what digital marketing is and why it is the right choice for your small business.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the most influential way to earn more through your business whether it is small or big. Digital marketing makes use of online means to advertise your products and to get more clients. Advertisements that you see on your phones and personal computers when you go online are examples of digital marketing.  These ads can be changed, edited, or even removed according to your choice. If you have a big business with many offline customers, you will not want to invest in digital marketing. But small, new businesses with fixed budgets should invest in digital marketing as it can help them get more audience.

We will now give you some tips on how to make the best use of digital marketing to promote your own small business.

Tip Number 1. Know Your Competition.

For any new business to be successful, businessmen need to be aware of their competitors. If you are doing a local business, you need to know what is more in demand in the markets and make sure you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Differentiation includes product and price variations as well as product and service differences. It also includes wider coverage, expertise, and performance with better responsiveness and courtesy. Differentiating yourself from other businesses will help you value your customers more and deal with them better, and this will result in a win-win scenario for you and your customers.

Tip Number 2. Set Your Basics Right.

New businesses need to have an online presence and they should be able to respond quickly to queries. Therefore, business websites require proper basics. One of the things that result in losing customers is your website loading time. The longer your site takes to load, the chances of customers leaving your website and finding some other website with relevant information increases. Many online tools can help you improve the load time of your websites and these tools can also let you check how long your website takes to load on mobile phones.

Tip Number 3. Write Blog Posts That Attract People.

A blog post website for your business can give you many opportunities if you make proper use of it. Blog posts are an effective way to advertise or showcase your products and to interact with your audience who will eventually become your customers. Using the right titles in your blog post will lead people to your website when they look up for it on the internet. Your blog posts should be focused primarily on your products, different ways to use it and why should your audience buy it. This will also help your audience to know you and your product better and earn more trust.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind while writing blogs is keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases that people search for on search engines. You need to research keywords with maximum search volume and include relevant keywords in your blog post titles. By doing this your blog post title will show up in search results and users will visit your website. It is important to use your keywords properly and should follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Tip Number 4. Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are a very influential way to get your customers to know about what new products your brand has to offer. If your customers have subscribed to you with their email, it is not wrong to send them emails promoting your products. It is instead good to let your customers know what you have in store for them. If you are creating emails and products with your consumers in mind and the content is useful for your subscribers, email marketing is perfectly fine.

Email marketing matters a lot, especially in today’s digital world. This will help you save money otherwise you will have to spend on printing advertisements in magazines and also save paper. You would not have to worry about the costs of envelopes, mail handling, and postage. It also helps you to stay in touch with your audience and sending regular mails will also help in brand recognition as your logo, brand name, and the color theme will appear more frequently in your customers’ inbox.

Tip Number 5. Your Content Should Be Visually Attractive.

Visual Content Marketing is, in reality, a separate business and it helps a lot to produce content that will be visually appealing to customers. If your product attracts your customers, they are more likely to buy it. You can hire a professional photographer to produce high-quality images as this is very important if the pictures are going to be uploaded globally. Create images that will show as well as tell your customers what you are doing or can do for them, and these will emotionally encourage your customers to buy your products. One of the most liked visual contents is minute-long videos. Videos are more likely to convert viewers into customers than simple photos. Choose colors carefully as they play an important role in influencing people.

Tip Number 6. Choose a Basic Social Media Platform For Your Brand.

Choose one social media platform which will be your center of attention. The social media platform which will prove to be best for your brand depends upon what type of business you are doing, whether it is B2B (Business-to-business) or whether it is B2C (Business-to-consumer). B2B marketing involves selling products to other businessmen, for example, a wholesaler selling to another retailer, and B2C marketing includes marketing tactics that involve businessmen selling their brands directly to individuals as customers. If your brand offers B2B service then social media apps like LinkedIn and Twitter will suit you. If it offers B2C, social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram will be the right choice for you. Some social media platforms that are offering a lot of business to businessmen include the following:

  • Facebook – 2.6 billion Monthly Active Users
  • Youtube – 2 billion Monthly Active Users
  • Whatsapp – 1.5 billion Monthly Active Users
  • Messenger – 1.3 billion Monthly Active Users
  • Instagram – 1 billion Monthly Active Users
  • Twitter – 335 million Monthly Active Users

In addition to choosing the best suiting social media app, you can also make use of Chatbots. Chatbots are robots that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make a conversation in natural language with users. This will enable businessmen to respond quickly to any queries their customers have and they do not need to be available every time. Online customers prefer chatbots for fast replies when you are conducting online business.

Why should you choose Digital Marketing for your Small Business?

Digital Marketing is surely going to benefit your business drastically because of the advancements in technology. Many businesses are focusing on investing more money in digital marketing as opposed to traditional marketing methods. Traditional marketing is bounded by geographical distances and only has a limited range whereas digital marketing has no bounds and you can find customers all over the globe. Small businesses can efficiently make use of digital marketing and they will surely earn a good ROI (Return on Investment). Digital marketing methods are in reach for everyone, so pay special attention to digital marketing to help grow your startup.