About Jason 

Jason Marzec has become part of the $1M club in his first year of Real Estate. He can attribute most of his success to staying ahead of the competition & using high-end digital marketing strategies whereas most of his realtor competitors were still using old guerilla marketing tactics. 

To be fair, the only way to stay consistently busy & successful in real estate is also providing to notch services to his clients. 

Jason has a desire to assist & help people whether in the professional world or not & this helped Jason with growing his own sphere of clientele. 

He loves to help people buy & sell homes & truly cares. This is why he has created a Step by Step First Time Home Buyer mini video master fundamental series. If you would like to learn about about that, click the button below

His Real Passion...

Digital Business Development

He understands the difficulty for business owners to be able to succeed in a technological world where the only way to create a successful business is through digital marketing strategies. 

Jason did so well when he started his own Real Estate consultation services, he decided to use his knowledge to help others kick start their own business, no matter what industry. 

Mr. Marzec helps highly selected companies with $30k - $2M a month budget through media ads buying, optimization, scaling vertically & horizontally, continues testing, campaign management, ad creations.

He has staffed Jr. media ad buyers, copywriters & creative designers to assist with testing large budget clients along with $10k+ monthly ad spend clients.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Jason Marzec to discuss potential business development opportunities, you can reach him at the button below.