What Is Brand Awareness?

As the owner of a new business, the most important question you may be asking yourself is how to get clients. Well, it doesn’t just begin there, first, you need to be able to ask yourself if people actually know what it is you sell, in other words, do they know about your brand? This is where Brand Awareness comes in. Jason Marzec has prepared this piece to help you understand what exactly is Brand Awareness and just how important it is for your business.

Brand Awareness is introducing a particular brand or renewing a brand that existed in the customer’s mind. To evaluate and predict consumer behavior, brand awareness must be met. Brand awareness influences customer loyalty, popularity, and sales. In simpler words, it is the much-needed feedback for the existing advertising and marketing campaigns.

Brand awareness can also be stated as feedback on brand recall, brand recognition, brand preference, and popularity. It shows where a particular product stands in the market.

Establishing brand awareness will help one to define a product’s position in the market and help the company take appropriate decisions concerning advertising, production, and marketing campaigns.

More audiences will be familiar with your logo, products, and messaging when you have great brand awareness.

The Importance of Brand Awareness

1. Increase Brand recognition among Customers

Seeing as people tend to gravitate towards the familiar, a good brand awareness strategy can help you connect with your target audience. Having a distinctive color or typography that immediately grabs people’s attention is an incredible asset. Some ways of increasing brand recognition among customers are creating shareable content, running social media contests, and even working with algorithms.

2. Brand Awareness Builds Loyalty in Customers

When customers recognize your brand and learn about your products, they will soon pursue you. People who see you as a trustworthy and professional company will spend more money. A well-thought-out brand awareness strategy drives customer loyalty. It helps brands build a large and active customer base and make their business more sustainable in the long term.

3. Guides Brand’s Voice

Establishing a brand voice takes time as it requires adopting several vital elements such as; website, logo and color, corporate philosophy, and typography.

4. It Creates Anticipation for New Products

A good brand strategy that leverages your brand’s strengths can help you connect with more people and generate qualified leads ahead of big product launches. Not only will your product have more sales which will, in turn, increase your profits but also, customers will be well educated about the particular product.

5. Brand Awareness Draws New Talent

Building brand awareness does not just make waves with potential customers. It helps you gain valuable new employees. People in the industry will soon notice a business that does brand marketing well. People will want to work with a brand at the top of its game, and so that they increase brand awareness, the more success you will have in attracting creative power to your team.

The Stages of Brand Awareness

1. No Awareness

When starting a business, you need to build awareness from scratch. At this point in the industry, you are at the bottom of the pyramid with little customer awareness. Fortunately, there is plenty of room for growth at this level.

2. Recognition of the Brand

Walking around a supermarket, consumers quickly distinguish between products and choose the one they want to buy. That is brand awareness. At times, consumers may need to remember the exact name of the product. Still, even then, it distinguishes itself from other alternatives with slogans, color schemes, packaging, logos, or marketing campaigns.

3. Brand Recall

Brand recall establishes relationships between product categories and brands. Most people can label a product category with five labels. Some can remember three, others only one. This feedback indicates customer interest in the product category.

4. Top of Mind

This refers to the first brand associated with a product, service, or similar brand. All brands strive to achieve “top-of-mind” recognition. Top-of-mind perceptions often include the services and products someone uses most often. Therefore, one should aim to create awareness that reaches top-of-mind levels, as this is a critical factor in customer retention.

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