Creating Engaging Content for a Youtube Channel

“Content is king” is the most common phrase among content creators, but it’s unclear to newbies in the space. If you’re a newbie, you may not have a clear idea of what this means or how it applies to your work. But do not fret; this article provides some basic tips for creating engaging content on YouTube. Also, the article will provide you with a few examples of what we mean by engaging content, but first, let’s talk about why people visit YouTube in the first place. 

The only reason people visit YouTube is to watch videos, but the reason for watching YouTube varies.

While some people watch YouTube videos for educational reasons, others watch them to explore ideas and perspectives. Of course, some Youtube videos are more engaging than others. 

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Step 1: Find your Audience

The first step in creating engaging content for your channel is to understand who you’re trying to reach. You can do this by understanding the pain points of your audience, as well as what they want to learn about. You should also know what topics satisfy them and create your content in that line to hook them to your video.

Step 2: Choose a Topic That you think Will Resonate with your Audience

The second step is to choose a topic that you think will resonate with your audience. Or better still, choose a niche.

You can choose a topic or niche you’re passionate about or something that interests your audience. For example, I am passionate about helping small businesses grow, it’s only normal I create videos in that line. And I will also want to give my audience interesting angles on these topics to engage them throughout the video.

Step 3: Create a Title and Description for your Video

A powerful headline is especially important if you’re promoting a product or service. People will watch an ad when they know what it’s selling, and you can only tell them with your title. 

Of course, inputting keywords in the right places has its role too. Proper keyword mobilization can drastically increase your Google searches, invariably, your traffic. Some parts of content to include keywords are the title and video description.

Step 5: Select the Highest-quality Camera Angle 

You cannot rule out the place of camera quality in making great youtube videos. Videos with higher camera quality are more visually appealing and are likely to be watched. 

Likewise, you cannot rule out the place of camera angle in boosting engagement in your videos. If possible, choose a wide-angle lens of your surroundings and highlight what’s important about it. 

For example, if you’re filming at a wedding venue with all of its decorations, try using an 80-degree lens so that there is plenty of room for people to move around without being cut off from sight by walls or other objects like tables and chairs that might block their view into your shot. This will also ensure nothing distorts when played back later on YouTube because Youtube uses compression algorithms which shrink videos down before uploading them online. 

Step 6: Add Captions and Subtitles to Make it Easier on the Eyes

Captions and subtitles are an important part of video content. Both components can help deaf, and hard-of-hearing viewers understand what’s happening in the video.

If you’re unclear on what captions and subtitles are, this should help you:

Captions are the texts that appear on top of videos to provide additional information about what you’re watching. For example, if someone talks while you’re looking at their face, the caption will describe what they’re saying. As they speak, viewers can understand them even if they don’t have sound on their devices.

Subtitles are similar to captions but instead translate foreign language content into English text, so non-English speaking people can still access it easily. I hope you get the drill.

Parting Note

It’s vital to remember to be yourself when creating engaging content for your Youtube channel. If you don’t feel like talking about something, then don’t talk about it. But if there is something that you do want people to know—like what your favourite food is or where they can buy good quality shoes—then go ahead and share it with them.

But in all, ensure you’re providing quality content for your viewers. Also, stay consistent with your content. Consistency and quality yield greater results if combined. More instantly, involve a digital marketing agency in your strategy.