Digital Marketing: The Key to Helping Small Businesses Grow

Jason Marzec - Digital Marketing in Cleveland, Ohio - Lead Generation Google Ads Growth

Although Jason Marzec didn’t set out to become the king of scaling small businesses, a non-traditional path into real estate and then digital marketing led him to start an agency known for its incredible results.

“During my real estate career I discovered first-hand how important digital marketing and paid advertising was,” says Jason, founder of Jay Agency. “In my first year joined the $1 Million Club as a realtor and helped hundreds of other companies grow. I still do it and still love it.”

After his fellow real estate agents became his first few clients, Jason began helping businesses in new industries including healthcare, financial services, and e-commerce. Using his foundational knowledge of PPC and social media marketing, he was able to create custom plans for each client based on their business needs and market trends.

Jason knows the ins and outs of platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. His experience with the tools along with his expertise in landing pages creates the perfect environment for warm leads to find a business and become customers. By creating an all-in-one ecosystem for small businesses, he’s able to collect crucial data and produce significant results in record time.

Targeting the ideal consumer

Jason Marzec - Digital Marketing in Cleveland, Ohio - Helping Small Businesses Attract CustomersOne of the most important strategies for Jason and his team to lower cost per lead (CPL) and increase sales is split testing.

“A lot of ads managers don’t do this,” explains Jason. “But you have to split test your ads with different audiences to see which audience resonates more with your ad copy.”

By running a Facebook ad split test for one of Jay Agency’s dental clients, Jason was able to target which audiences have the lowest CPL within each ad set. With that data, Jason worked with the client to determine which audiences should continue with that ad copy and which audiences should be reevaluated. He also began setting up for another split test within those audiences to try to get their CPL down even further.

Another client shared during their discovery meetings with Jason that their main goal was to increase their lead generation. This mortgage company was seeing leads come in, but they weren’t part of their ideal audience. Because of that, they weren’t closing as many deals as they would’ve liked to.

As part of this client’s end-to-end marketing plan, Jason and his team conducted research to identify proper keywords that were relevant to their ideal audience. By optimizing their website, they saw an almost 60% increase in conversions and a nearly 10% decrease in cost-per-conversion over the next 60 days. But most importantly, these prospective clients they were now getting on the phone were high-quality leads that more often ended in closing a deal.

Long-term growth for businesses

The final piece that Jason always includes in his marketing plans is what he calls Rinse and Repeat. “The last phase is one of the most important, and no one likes to discuss it,” Jason explains. “We start the process over.”

Even when – especially when – something is working well, Jason and his team continually assess the marketing plan to adjust as needed and start coming up with new campaign ideas. Similar to leading companies like Pepsi or McDonald’s, a small business should regularly produce new ad copy and other material in order to avoid audience fatigue.

So how do Jason and his team create powerful ad copy that produces these kinds of results? They use a process called A.I.D.A. – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

  • Attention: Each ad starts with an attention-grabber; something trendy that will grab your target audience’s attention.
  • Interest: Once they’re hooked, continue to pique their interest by explaining why it’s trendy. It may seem counterproductive, but not specifically discussing your products or services at this point is essential.
  • Desire: Next, spark their desire by talking about how your product or service will make the reader feel.
  • Action: Finally, communicate a strong promise or guarantee with a clear call to action.

Jason Marzec - Digital Marketing in Cleveland, Ohio - Attracting Clients Through Social Media Marketing

This formula is effective and repeatable, but the execution looks different for every business. By working with Jay Agency, Jason and his team will evaluate your industry, your competitors, and your goals to develop the perfect ad copy for your ideal customers. And once that plan is in motion, they’ll continue to review metrics and adjust to ensure you’re increasing sales and getting the best bang for your buck.

Are you ready to reach your future clients?

The team at Jay Agency understands that no two small businesses are the same. You’re an expert in your business, and they’re the experts in the tools that can help you get discovered. Get started pinpointing your ideal audience and creating the ads that will convert them with your 100% free Zoom call.