Google ads Case Study Where A Lawyer Reduced Their CPL By 50%

Reduced Cost Per Lead For A Laywer With Google Ads

It is disheartening when companies spend huge sums on CPL but get a low conversion rate in the end. Companies like these often spend resources on salvaging the matter but end up getting discouraged. To avoid getting this, it is expedient that companies hire expert digital marketers. 

Speaking of digital marketers, we’ll want to do a study on a trusted and tested digital marketer – Jason Marzec, and his experience in a company suffering from high CPL costs but a low conversion rate. Read along to learn Jason’s approach to cutting CPL and increasing conversions for this lawyer and other strategies he has used to help other small businesses succeed. 

What was the Situation?

A digital marketing expert was brought in to help a lawyer reduce their Cost Per Lead (CPL) and increase their conversion rate. The lawyer had been relying on traditional marketing channels but was looking for an expert to help them get the most out of their digital marketing efforts. The goal was to reduce the CPL by 50% while maintaining or improving their conversion rate. 

To do this, the marketing expert had to analyze the current situation and determine what needed to be done to improve it. He took a look at the law firm’s existing digital marketing strategies and identified areas that could be improved. He also researched their target market, competitors, and industry trends to ensure he was making the right decisions.

What Will Digital Marketers do?

The challenge is to reduce a law firm’s cost per lead {CPL} by 50% and increase its conversion rate simultaneously. As you will know, experts will begin by conducting extensive research and examining the current ad strategies of the firm, focusing on where and how to optimize campaigns for better results.

To achieve the desired reduction in CPL, experts will redesign the law firm’s website and online presence to improve the user experience and increase conversions. Some experts also optimize their Google Ads campaigns, leveraging search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to get the best return on investment. 

All of these and many more were the strategies Jason Marzec used.

Jason further identified keywords that were being used but not fully optimized. He then refined the selection of these keywords, fine-tuning them to match the intent of each search query. This resulted in more relevant ads being served to users, thus driving down the CPL.

Jason also suggested using dynamic ads, which allowed the law firm to display different ads depending on the user’s search query or browsing behavior. This created an opportunity for targeted ads with tailored messaging, which increased the likelihood of conversion.

Finally, he regularly monitored and reported on key performance indicators such as cost per click (CPC), cost per conversion (CPA) and cost per action (CPA). This allowed him to adjust his strategy further and ensure that the campaign was running at maximum efficiency.

What Were the Results Produced?

Of course, after employing keyword research, SEO tactics and google ads campaigns as strategies, the law firm’s CPL decreased by a whopping 50%. This decrease was in addition to an increase in conversion rate of 20%.

The success of this case study can be attributed to Jason’s expertise in creating targeted campaigns. By focusing on specific keyword phrases and ad copy that resonated with their target audience, he significantly reduced the CPL while also increasing conversions.

This case study provides valuable insight into how digital marketing can be used effectively to boost ROI. It demonstrates the importance of hiring digital marketers to help craft effective campaigns that yield maximum results. With the right approach, digital marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool for driving leads and conversions.

Take Home – Why you should hire digital marketers?

This case study shows the power of digital marketing and its ability to help small businesses save money. A huge impact can be made in your business by reducing CPL and improving conversion rates if you hire digital marketers to employ the best strategies.

Businesses should focus on creating targeted campaigns and optimizing their landing pages to maximize conversions. This case study also demonstrates the importance of testing different strategies and tracking progress over time. By regularly analyzing data and making adjustments, businesses can ensure that they are running campaigns that are both cost-effective and successful.