How 80 businesses banked $100,000 in 4 months

In 2020, 80 businesses in four months went from almost hushing out of the market to a huge gush of returns!

Sounds unbelievable, right?

But it happened, and these businesses were a selection of thriving ideas from people who woke up and decided they wanted to be part of the big names in the business world. They drafted plans, set out a budget and gave themselves time targets. It started off nicely but, what’s a business without the right amount of returns?

How can you even stake your life on a business idea if you can’t even project the future?

Well, like Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer hero would say, “to be the best, you need the best,” and Chris Brown, an American singer puts it better when he says, “to be the best, you have to beat the best.” But it gets better when you hear what people have to say;

So it’s obvious that everything you need for a successful online advertising and marketing is right here at Jay’s corner;

Jason Marzec Agency is the man for the job and in the 21st century, it only takes the gurus in the digital economy to understand the techniques and strategies to apply just so businesses can go from startup to rooftop and a sky-high projection in the market with just the click of a button; https://jasonmarzec.com/sbm-marketing/

So, you might wonder, who is Jason Merzec anyway?

Well, let me simplify;

  • A business scaling technician with hundreds of businesses to attest to his ingenious scaling strategy.
  • A Digital marketer who understands the rigors of starting a business from scratch because he has been there and done that… (More on that later.)
  • A strategist; Jason is the guy behind the guy. He works in the background using his method to make you stand out and your business, the sort after in the industry. (Add pix)
  • Digital Marketing Certificate With Google AdsA Google ad Search certified marketer; using all the right google strategies for your campaigns, Jason is now Google approved to make the Google search for your business swift and easy. But as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Here is a quick viewing bite! Click

Everywhere you turn, there is always something extraordinary about Jays services. Not to mention, Jays Agency has worked in several industries where they have changed the course of these businesses by creating a boosting strategy that will be long term and profitable.

  • Dentists -Boost their invisalign & clear aligners
  • Orthodontics – Boost their invisalign, clear aligners & braces
  • Self-Storage – Decreased vacancy rates by 40%
  • Real Estate – Increased their pipeline of home buyers
  • Medspa Owners – Increased their Cool sculpting patients

The list is endless, but notice that in Jays Agency, the goal is to use three key methods of scaling your business until it’s top on demand;




In wanting to start a business, the first thought of any potential client is; how do I start? Simple, RESEARCH. You need to take enough time to survey the grounds in the business of your choosing. Assess the market, observe your target consumers to understand what exactly they are looking for . What about your competitors, what’s it going to take to make them second fiddle where your business is concerned?

It is all about the right marketing strategy. With the Omni-channel marketing, fantastic ad campaigns and a massive data testing, it will be easy to understand the market, fish for the ideal target clients and strategize the business until it fits like a charm.

Next in line is;


In case you haven’t noticed, the digital world is so consumed with followership.

Everyone wants to know how many followers you have and how many people spend time on your page reading about you and your brand.

So how can you make it happen? If you’re so busy following the business offline, how do you expect to keep up with sales and scaling online?

Once again, it’s a strategy, an optimization tactic where you build up a system strictly for automation. As long as you have records and information about your past, present and future clients, the automation process will give you the ease to seat back while your cold emails, SMS and social media platforms meet the target. This way, your online followers will have no choice but to put a call across because; you’re just all over the place.



Geoff Cubitt, CEO Isobar US, one of the most successful business owners, had this to say when asked how he kept the figures growing;

           “Companies that invest more in digital transformation actually outperform their peers over time. These companies are more prepared for disruption, better able to monetize new digital channels, and better able to build a bigger user base…”

If you think ‘my job is complete’ after you have made a few thousands and you have enough to take home and pay staff, then you’re a slow dreamer. Business is about posterity and once you understand the market, the goal should be how I can keep these numbers coming and get to a BOOM!

Follow-through. Do the homework of constantly checking your figures and brainstorming how these numbers can change. The beauty in it all is, the digital market has so much to offer in growing and surpassing the standards. It all comes down to strategy, and therefore, Jays Agency is the way to go.

Jays Agency guarantees you optimal returns because, as I said earlier, he has been there. Jason came from being a passionate start-up realtor who used online marketing and became a member of the $1m club in just ONE YEAR!

Dr. X, a thriving business owner, just opened her practice a month before the pandemic hit the U.S and she had to shut down for several weeks before re-opening. Guess what? Jays Agency saved the day, making the company achieve two of its business goals within a year. How cool is that?!

Today, after managing his own real estate consultation services, he goes further to assist selected companies with $30k – $2M a month budget through media ads campaigns and creation.

Jays Agency will take your business from a silent startup to an outstanding finish-off and all you need to do is click https://jasonmarzec.com/sbm-marketing/ and you will be eligible for a FREE strategy plan worth $297! It can’t get better than that.

So follow-through and watch Jays Agency take your business sky-high. You are one call away from making your business one of the most sort-after. Take that chance!


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