How to market the perfect home to first-time homebuyers

Once you meet first-time homebuyers, you can almost tell what they want. It starts with that expression of hunger, as you tell them you have exactly what they need. In purchasing products, this might be easy, but getting the ideal house to call home takes more than just touring the town for on-sale residents.

Every new client, possibly an individual, newlyweds, or an old couple looking for a new house, starts excitedly to begin life in a new environment. They create a picture-perfect image of what the future will look like in their own space. This is usually the first step to buying, where clients envision what they perceive to be the ideal home. Well, that’s the easy part.

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The real deal starts when you go house hunting. This can either be a make or break moment because it can appear stressful and overwhelming when the search is endless. Most times, you may get exhausted and disappointed when you lose the lease on your dream home. Jason Marzec, a powerful ad campaign expert, puts it this way; “… many people have said losing a home is as close to losing a loved one or a divorce case…”

Therefore, this is where a GREAT MARKETER, who understands their first-time buyers, hooks on giving them the needed ease.

It starts with the right information. Records show that between 2016 and now, over 70% of millennials populate the figures for first-time homebuyers. This means all marketers should apply the appeal approach in the act of digital sales. The millennials are not your conventional ‘anything goes’ sort of people. They seek for more of something in everything, which is why using ONLINE ADVERTISING the efficient way is a big win for any digital marketer.

So the question is, how do you market homes to first-time buyers who may or may not have a clue of what they want? Especially those who have it all figured out and will need a ton of persuasion to sway them off their stereotyped ideas of what they believe is ideal?

Get ready to teach

When you have first-time homebuyers as clients, there is a 5-10 possibility that they are complete novices. The entire process of making head or tail of an offer, knowing what to look out for in an inspection and the mortgage deal could be like learning a new language. So, it’s your job to play the tutor using your online platform to educate them on the steps towards becoming house owners. This will stand you out as a marketer who makes his audience at home in his web domain.

Woo the WHOLE

There is a whole world of first-time homebuyers on the web. Every time they go online, they are clicking on the search button to; FINDING YOUR DREAM HOME! As an efficient marketer, there needs to be a website and landing page that is attractive, engaging, and mobile-friendly.

– The right image, message, and theme are all a great marketer needs to create an interesting hook for buyers. Marketing any product is about looking better than the rest and it starts right here on the web; you should not ignore this. Let your page sell every bedroom and kitchen with the best of the best amenities. You could even create a 3D view showing the outstanding space in each bedroom or share images of how the cozy balcony with its breath-taking view looks at sunset. Hey, it’s marketing, so make the best of it.

– Engage your first-time buyer with a call-to-action (CTA). As quickly as they are hooked, there should be a quicker and easy CAT of less than a minute to fill in all information. This is the beginning of sustaining a for-keeps client.

– A mobile-friendly website is the biggest wooer of the 21st century. A business strategy that needs continuous creativity to meet the target audience’s growing demands.

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According to Blue Corona, IMPACT, and several other sources,

  • People spend around 5 hours a day on their smartphones.
  • 70% of web traffic comes from mobile phones.
  • 80% of the top-ranked websites are mobile-friendly.
  • 61% of users will never return to a website that is not mobile-friendly.
  • 80% of smartphone users will buy from companies with mobile sites and apps that are easy to navigate.
  • 70% of the searches made on mobile phones lead to online action.
  • They predict mobile phone data usage to grow 46% by 2022.

Be a manager, not a marketer

When you encounter a first-time buyer’s eagerness to settle, it’s easy to capitalize on their weakness and just make sales. Convince them with what you offer, even if it’s not what they truly want, and just close the deal. As great as these sounds, it isn’t the best move for the marketer in the long term. You need to be smart and understand that every buyer is also your potential referral. You could make sales by being smart now; but what happens when you cannot get a portable referral from past clients? This just means you shot yourself in the foot!

– Always look for the bigger picture in every client. Place yourself as a manager and a guardian whose first interest is to ensure that they get what they want/need at the same time.

– Use your online advertising to create swift guiding videos that are friendly, personal, and professional.

– Speak to your clients. Hear from their side and keep the communication going until it becomes more than just a marketer-client partnership.

– Advise your clients. Tell them why their choices are good but could be better if;

  1. They set a higher standard on their budget;
  2. They spread their search beyond a vicinity;
  3. They look for houses that will feel more homely in years to come.

In all this, the homebuyer must reign supreme. The greatest success of a marketer is to see their first-timers walking away with the keys to their new home and a smile on their faces. It is a massive achievement for any ad agency and only a few can get it done.

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Jason Marzec, ad campaign expert.

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