How To Monetize Your YouTube Videos For SEO

One of the best ways to monetize YouTube videos is through YouTube SEO. YouTube is the second largest search engine, with 2 billion users and over 500 million pieces of content uploaded every minute.

SEO is vital in generating website traffic, which also applies to YouTube. A successful YouTube channel begins with engaging content and videos, but that’s not all. Employing SEO techniques such as using keywords and captions is one of the critical ingredients of SEO; others include metadata, subtitle, captions, description, search tags, video titles, and so on; creators and brands can reach a wider audience generating more traffic and engagement for their videos.

Although there are no specific ways to monetize YouTube through SEO, let us look at tips from an expert’s angle as shared by Jason Marzec, on methods to help monetize your YouTube videos for SEO.

1.    Metadata

This is a bedrock of YouTube video SEO. It encompasses using keywords, search tags, titles, descriptions, thumbnails, captions, play links, etc.

The above are essential criteria by which YouTube ranks and places your video. Therefore you must use clear and accurate titles, search tags, and descriptions to inform your viewers of what they are onto and what the video contains.

2. Use relevant keywords

Search engines like YouTube rely on keywords to determine a viewer’s choice. Therefore the use of proper keywords that are specific.

For example, “baking” and “baking cakes” are not specific enough that there are lots of videos on baking, but the latter is more specific to your baking cake content. Software such as Ahrefs can be used to look up proper keywords.

3.  Use a catchy description.

Your keywords must be catchy and captivating, as this would draw your viewers’ attention to your videos before choosing to delve in further. The first 150 characters should be breezy and charming.

This way, you keep your viewers engaged and interested.

4. Be specific with your video title.

An excellent and specific title that includes some of your keywords is ideal. It is important to note that although having keywords is an essential component of a video title, the title should be between 50-60 characters and at most or less; otherwise, it looks too clumsy, unappealing, and might get cut off.

5. Use search tags

Search tags are similar to keywords. This aid the algorithm makes sense of your videos. To know what type of keywords to use TubeBuddy, a keyword explorer will inform you on how to rank your search tags.

It is essential to know that all search tags must be related to the videos, and the first few search tags are the most important. Therefore ensure that your primary keywords are your search tags.

6. Use your YouTube cards.

Using your YouTube cards to link related videos keeps your viewers engaged.

7. Subtitles

Subtitles are necessary for increasing your number of viewers, especially for non-English speakers, and this allows your videos to rank high in non-English search bars.

8. Share on other online communities

This is another way of monetizing your YouTube video to share your content and videos on other online social media communities and search engines—examples in Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. One of the strategies for sharing your content is by providing answers or information to questions your video might have answers to and suggesting that readers watch your videos for more details.

9.  Engage your viewers to subscribe.

An increase in subscribers infers that your viewers enjoy your content. Therefore encourage your viewers to subscribe to your videos at the beginning and the end of each video.

10.  Use a suitable transcript

Videos that contain transcripts tend to pull a large percentage of viewers, unlike those that don’t. This also helps to improve YouTube’s SEO ranking. An example of a good transcript software is otter.

11. Keep your viewers engaged

This is known as viewer engagement and is a vital Factor in YouTube SEO. One of the ways to know if your viewers enjoy your content is by the increased watch time.

Watch time is the amount of time spent watching a video or content. The first 10-15 seconds of your video should be interesting enough to keep your viewers hooked. By doing this you have a high watch time. 


The use of SEO tools is essential and crucial in ensuring that your YouTube and video content stays relevant and high ranking; however, you should always ensure that your content is meaningful, visible, catchy, and engaging, as they also play a significant role in increasing your viewers and subscribers.