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I sold $6,000,000 from real estate in my first year

Real Estate is one of the most lucrative markets to jump into because, with the right connections and network, you might just be smiling with your first million to the bank in a few months.

This was my story when I first delved into the housing market, using my experience in preservation and property management in Ohio. It was my ticket to learning all I could about properties; the dream homes, the buyer’s taste, and, of course, sales. This made me 6 million dollars richer in total sales in one year of hard work selling 27 homes!

So while other realtors go for the whole door-to-door and flyer campaigns to win clients over, I had it all figured out as to the best strategies to make my real estate services scale up by a 100%. It was definitely through online advertising. As a business-scaling technician, I went into researching the market from my potential clients to my competitors and this is what I discovered;

  • Clients want a person who can tell them more about a property than just pictures and figures. I had the expertise for this because, for the past eight years, I have worked diligently in property preservation and management. The power of conviction was in my hands and I had amazing people I worked with who understood my passion for helping people meet their dreams of owning a home. I took time to give great tips and make clients feel like they could speak openly about their choices. 
  • Digital marketing was the only way I could maintain a solid online presence to not only grow the business but also go from prep to pro to win big clients and having access to properties people only dreamed of managing. More than half the world is online looking for the next best home and properties. It was only wise to seize such a magnanimous opportunity!


  • To keep competitors humbled, you need to up your game by raising the stakes on leads by over 300%. This way a competitor will be too overwhelmed and just cash in while they can. I did all my homework on this and it was a game-changer.

These discoveries gave me the determination to key into all the marketing strategies I had lined up so I could be the star realtor everyone wanted to work with. So you might wonder, what strategies? Well, I had what you could call a digital sales funnel, which was going to take me from the broadest advertising channel right down to the deep end, where I could have a close one-on-one connection with clients. I followed them carefully and set a standard through these channels:


If you want to convert traffic into leads, then you need your website with a landing page that says; THIS IS HOME.” Hypnotize your online visitors with a hooking image and message and they will have no choice but to type and follow through. This is probably one of the quickest ways to get clients, but not the easiest, as they can easily tune off once they open your website, so you need to give them a reason to stay there. A promotional ad could be a significant benefit to attract and sustain their attention.

My story with Mr. & Mrs. Lee
They came in through google ads when they were looking for specific homes to buy. More than likely they googled luxury homes in Beachwood OH. My ad came up, which took them to a landing page where if they wanted more information, they would need to leave their name, number & email.
Once they did that, an email follows with more details and an immediate text message asking them if they would like to set up a private showing. I gave them a consultation inside the first home we viewed & we moved forward with seeing more homes.
We closed on a $257,000 condo!



Like the word ‘drip’, you need to leave your information littered all over digital space. Customer care services, automated messages, emails… just make every pop-up in the most sort after webpage link back to your realtor services. Follow-up and feedback through this method can record over 80% positive responses because people spend half their time surfing the net. So, give them a reason to keep searching.

However, this is more than just automated information going out. There has to be a reason one click makes a visitor a lead. This is where emails need to be strategic, exceptional, and reasonable.

  • Strategic means having the right email service provider doing the job of adequately separating all your leads from old clients, new ones, and the third-party clients (the ones who connect through the original lead). What is important is to treat emails and messages going to every one of these leads with a professional touch.
  • Exceptional means never make your automated emails predictable. It needs to differ with a subject line hook, and a side-attraction to make them open the big apple. Just do not be boring! Have a listing page that is so captivating it leaves leads practically lurking for more.
  • You need to be reasonably careful about crowding your leads with unimaginably excessive emails and messages. It is irritating and desperate to badger them with information every day! That is a disaster. Show some professionalism by sending gentle reminders that will get their attention subtly.

Scale Your Business With Jays AgencyBottom line, I used social media and digital ads as my power tool to invade the real estate market. Today, I have made a growing name in Ohio, set a record to keep more people buying their dreams home, and built a digital market space that sets me apart. Follow this link https://jasonmarzec.com/jays-agency/ Let me guide you on the act of making sales and cashing in with a smile.


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