Jason Marzec: Real Estate Agent to Digital Marketing Pro

Jason Marzec - Digital Marketing in Cleveland, Ohio - Helping Small Businesses Grow Leads

Sometimes you find a career – other times, a career finds you.

Jason Marzec, founder of Jay Agency in Cleveland, OH, was going on 8 years at his traditional job before he decided it was time for a new career. In 2016, after a year of studying to be a real estate agent and learning digital marketing as a hobby, Jason left his steady job to pursue real estate full-time.

Despite all of the technological advances, industry norms in real estate were still pretty traditional – his colleagues recommended cold calling, door-to-door solicitations, and handing out flyers. Jason didn’t see these “boots on the ground” strategies as very effective or efficient. Instead, he decided to try something new.

Over the next year, Jason’s fellow agents began to notice a difference in how he was generating leads versus how they had always been doing it. While they were in the office cold calling, clients would call asking for Jason by name. He wasn’t cold calling. He wasn’t knocking on doors. But warm leads were seeking him out.

So how did he do it? Simple: Jason implemented Inbound Marketing strategies.

The Power of Digital Marketing

While Jason Marzec - Digital Marketing in Cleveland, Ohio - Scale Your Businesses and Boost Salesother agents were continuing their “tried-and-true” methodology, Jason used his knowledge of digital marketing to provide value to potential clients. Through Google Ads, he presented his services as the solution to their search. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads allowed him to stay front-of-mind for his target audience.

Data analysis also played a big role in building Jason’s clientele. Having the data in front of you is one thing, but understanding the numbers and knowing what to do with them was essential to his growth. Split testing copy or tactics also created strong evidence that he understood his customer base and was taking the right steps to build those initial relationships.

The other piece that Jason’s colleagues were noticing was how little time he actually had to spend on attracting leads. Thanks to the power of automation, much of Jason’s digital marketing strategies could be set up and run with just a little maintenance and adjusting along the way. You know what they say: time is money – and these strategies were giving his real estate business extra of both.

After seeing for themselves how effective these digital marketing strategies could be, fellow agents wanted in. Jason began to work with colleagues to teach them how to utilize social media and other marketing tools. Without even meaning to, he gained his first few clients.

Teaching Strategies and Building Business

Over time, Jason began practicing real estate less and less, transitioning his focus to developing marketing strategies for companies and local businesses. He continued to work with mentors to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing and eventually decided to try his hand freelancing for larger agencies.

Fast forward to today and Jason is now the owner of Jay Agency, an end-to-end digital marketing agency specifically designed to help small businesses. Thanks to his first-hand experience in growing his own business, he’s able to create strong lead generation strategies through the power of Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. He’s helped companies generate a consistent 5-8x return on advertising spend, delivering them with high-quality, “ready to pay” leads for as low as $6 per lead.

In addition to his real estate clients, he’s helped small business owners specializing in a variety of different niches including local doctors, dentists, veterinarians, mortgage lenders, debt consolidation, clothing, fine jewelry, and even tattoo removal. But despite his deep experience with so many industries, Jason understands that each client is unique and will need their own customized plan to meet their goals and scale their business. Using a 4-phased approach, your business will adopt an omnichannel marketing strategy and a powerful ecosystem that sets your organization apart from the rest.

Are you ready to develop your digital marketing strategy?

Jason and his team start by taking the time to learn about your business, competitors, and market trends. They’ll gather initial data and create buyer personas before moving into the creative stage, developing strong ad copy, headlines, and CTAS. After split-testing copy and audiences, everything will be optimized and scaled based on what’s working well and provides the most value to your business. And the success you’re sure to see won’t mean the team is done working – Jason will start the process over to continually evaluate your business, stay ahead of the market, and avoid audience fatigue.

Although he never dreamed his career would take him to this point, Jason loves seeing his clients’ businesses grow through the power of digital marketing. If you’re ready to see how Jason’s passion can help scale your small business, schedule your 100% free Zoom call to discuss your business, your goals, and your path ahead to success.