Why should Small businesses use digital marketing and PPC Advertising

Why should Small businesses use digital marketing and PPC Advertising


 After launching a small business, the main focus of the owners is to implement different strategies to get the first group of customers. Although, traditional ways of advertising work, the success of any business is not possible without using digital marketing. Using all forms of advertising including PPC campaigns can let the customers find their ways to you.

Sometimes small business owners ignore digital marketing due to lack of money and time but it affects badly. It is not recommended to stick to only one or two forms of marketing. Never ignore digital marketing while creating your marketing strategy. We come up with top reasons to encourage you to use digital marketing and PPC advertising for your small business.

Benefits of digital marketing

In this age of technology and social media, it is always easy to get potential customers using online platforms instead of attracting them locally. You can get access to a large group of people. Here we come with the top benefits of online marketing.

·       It enables you to attract people who are interested in your niche.

·       You can get access to a global marketplace.

·       Unlike traditional marketing methods, it allows you to reach more customers by spending fewer amounts.

·       Response tracking facility and flexibility to change your marketing strategy.

How digital marketing increases credibility and trust?

It is not possible to hide something online. As a startup, if you provide your customers with good quality products and satisfactory services, they will love sharing their reviews online using different social media platforms. It will increase the credibility and trust of your brand when the friends of your customers will check the positive reviews. This is how more people will know about the quality of your products and services. Online customer support can also increase satisfaction and build long term relationships with your potential customers.

Top reasons your small business needs PPC advertising

PPC advertising is a cost-effective marketing strategy that drives organic traffic to your website. As its name suggests, you have to pay only when users click on your ad. PPC advertising can take your small business to the next level using the following ways.

Contribute to business goals

This is the top reason that motivates small business owners to take advantage of PPC advertising. You can achieve your business goals by only spending a   few dollars. PPC advertising supports the major parts of Salesfunnel. Setting a PPC campaign effectively can help you achieve your major business goals. Paying attention to the right keywords is crucial to generate sales and take your small business to the next level.

Target audience

PPC campaign gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience. Using a PPC network, you can get access to the targeting factors including time of the day, keyword usage, location, and demographics.

You can use advanced marketing strategies such as retargeting. In simple words, you can call it remarketing that allows you to focus on the users who have visited your website. It recommends your brand to the interested people and motivates them to build a strong relationship with your business.

Display campaigns target people on the internet who are interested in products and services related to your business. If someone has visited your website, your ad will appear on their screen.

Brand Awareness

Although SEO takes months to develop brand awareness, PPC provides quick results by displaying your business ad to the relevant audience. According to the research of WordStrem, more than 40% of clicks go to the paid ads that appear on top of the page.

Covert your buyers

According to the word Stream, 65% of the clicks that paid ads gets are from the buyers. It is important to use the right keywords in your PPC advertising to get the best results and convert your visitors to the customers. Link your ads to the main page of your products and services.

Drive Profit

As compared to other marketing strategies, pay per click offers high ROI. You can control your advertising charges so it gives you the opportunity to save big. Identifying search terms that generate traffic is crucial before driving results.

You can easily calculate your budget by analyzing prices per click. Multiple tools are available to give you an idea about the search volume and price of a keyword. SEMRUSH provides accurate information. Another important tool is Google keyword planner that helps you find the best keywords with maximum search results.

After finding the prices of search terms, you can estimate the total charges by considering the number of clicks per month. For example, if the cost of a keyword is $2.50 per click and if you get 40 clicks per month, your cost will be $100.

Once you know the price for a search term, your budget will depend on how many clicks that term receives in a month.

Optimize and refine

Monitoring the effect of a PPC campaign is important to make improvements. You can run a PPC campaign for one month and check its performance using different tools. According to reports by WordStream, Google Adwords, and Google Analytics paid campaigns can give powerful and long-lasting results.

Google Adwords and Google Analytics will help you analyze the best performing ads; these tools will also enable you to check which ad gets maximum views and clicks. Here you can make an effective strategy to increase your sales. You can continuously improve your advertising strategy.


 As we discussed above, digital marketing and PPC advertising are extremely important for small businesses. An optimized PPC campaign can increase your brand awareness and help you reach potential buyers. SEO and PPC play an important role to improve the rating of your website as well as generate more sales. Spending a few dollars on PPC advertising can get you earn more potential customers and generate sales.